Taking the Self-Employment Route in Civvy Street

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Taking the Self- Employment Option in Civvy Street

Let me guess.  You’re finding it difficult to grasp what life after leaving will actually be like. You’re moving from a life of certainty to the exact opposite; into a world that as yet, you don’t really understand.  People tell you it’s a simple choice between one of two things: employment or self-employment.  Naturally, your first instinct is to put your hand-up for the employed route because that’s where you think you’ll gain some measure of security.  You may be right. You could be wrong. In this increasingly competitive world you’d need to fully prepared and draw on all your talents to win through.  You have your Forces training and experience and that is a major plus – but ultimately you’ll perform best when totally motivated – doing your best in an area that’s right for you – and one with the backing of partners and family.


The choice between employment and self-employment can be a little simplistic.  There are so many options that fall within each one, so many colours of this rainbow.  Options that you have time to research, explore and train for as part of your own personal strategy.  It may be that you have a particular skills that could be a solid income earner, but recognise that working for yourself is a distant goal and you need more training or on-the-job experience in a civilian environment to develop your game plan.  To get commercially savvy if you like.


Don’t be overawed by the thought of starting your own business.  Remember that every single person who has ever started their own business has started from basically where you are now.  Not knowing it all, but wanting to could create a venture that gives them control because they want to create their own security.  Business skills can be learned.  It is that combination of desire, drive and ideas that will lead to success.  Here again there is more than one way forward. Many successful businesses have started in an upstairs bedroom with a desk and computer.  Many successful businesses have begun with two or more people with complimentary talents coming together to form an astounding whole.


It could be that after your time in the Forces you want a complete change of direction.  Because of the high regard members of the Armed Forces are held, different organisations want to capture and capitalise on this talented resource.  Recently the Government has announced a scheme whereby service leavers can qualify for a shorter teacher training period.  The Royal Agricultural College has courses for leavers to enter into many of the different aspects of farming.  In a way this ‘bridging’ training option is a third way before deciding either employment or self-employment.

An exciting future is waiting for you to arrive.

Over the last twenty years Just Resources has had the privilege of training the forces in Diversity and Equality.  The insights we’ve learned have helped to create a new transition course, entitled ‘Heightened Readiness for Resettlement’.  It is an intensive 3 day experience working with small groups to help them gain that vital clarity of direction and appreciation of their own self-worth in a career development environment.  The course will either confirm a direction of travel or open new vistas to explore with further targeted training.

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