Non-Profit Partnerships

We partner with non-profits to help those in need and serve for a greater purpose. There are thousands of non-profits in the world today doing good and encouraging change through action. We have carefully selected our partnerships that stand out and are close to our hearts. Our non-profit partnerships are ever growing and will increase in numbers every year, as for now here is our partnerships list.

  • vgy

  • Victory Gap Year

    Victory Gap Year is a full time, one year, discipleship programme situated in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. We are passionate about EQUIPPING, EMPOWERING and SENDING the NEXT GENERATION TO ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

  • tutu-foundation

  • Tutu Foundation UK

    The Tutu Foundation UK was launched in 2007 to continue the inspiring and transforming peace and reconciliation work of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Mrs Leah Tutu. Our mission is to transform lives and communities in the UK by building peace, respect, understanding and connections between people of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

  • saffi

  • Saffi – South Africa Faith & Family Institute

    The South African Faith and Family Institute (SAFFI) recognizes that religion plays an integral part both in the continuation of Violence against Women and in its eradication. Thus SAFFI’s main objective is to build the capacity of religious leaders and faith communities in addressing issues of gender based violence in our communities and becoming a positive catalyst for change.