• The Just Resources management training division focusses on three key areas:

    • Developing personal leadership skills
    • Team Development
    • Organisational Leadership & Management
    • Improving the skills of key personnel is central to the Just Resources ethos.

    Our leadership and management programmes are designed to unlock the potential of both individuals and teams to reach targets and improve personal performance.

    As people become more self-aware they realise how they can positively influence the organisational culture, and make real progress in their personal lives.

    The process of creating programmes begins with an in-depth training needs analysis to agree issues and desired outcomes. We then develop a plan to address these needs and equip people with the relevant knowledge and skills.

    Skills such as:

    • Developing a leadership style
    • Leading a diverse workforce
    • Building an effective team
    • How to handle appraisals
    • How to manage colleague performance

    Every course is delivered to reflect the values and culture of the organisation. Courses are pitched at the appropriate level. When complete, participants are asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the course and give feedback to management. The courses are stimulating, involving and memorable.

    More examples of the management areas we cover are featured on the web page. We would be pleased to develop training solutions to meet your brief.

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