• Over 25 Years In The Market

    Just Resources International has evolved from the merging of differences and reflects our core statement “Strength Lies in Difference, Not Similarities – Stephen Covey”.

    Very different people, from very different backgrounds coming together – united around one vision – to empower, equip and skill individuals and organisations to deal with inequality in the workplace, communities and society – by challenging injustice, removing barriers, and building on potential.

Where We Come From

Just Resources started as an Equality & diversity training company in the UK – shaped on the anvil a testing portfolio of clients. These included in the public sector – the Metropolitan Police Service, the British Army, the Ministry of Defence and the NHS. We had also worked with private and third sector organisations, including the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Tutu Foundation UK.

Whilst designing, developing and implementing Equality & Diversity training over the last 25 years, we have learnt a great deal about people, organisations and managing the issues of inequality. We have watched the change of names, emphasis, buzz words, political and theoretical machinations – and yet it all came back to the fundamental issue of having respect for others different to us and being willing to deal with inappropriate professional behaviour in the workplace, or for that matter in society.

We also discovered that people need opportunities to discover their potential, be given opportunities and have someone willing to give them the chance to excel. So the development of leadership, mentoring and coaching programmes seemed natural areas for us to add to our portfolio.

Out of our working with the Ministry of Defence for over 25 years, we have come to understand the nature of the people, the organisations and their systems. Over the last few years this knowledge has enabled us to develop programmes to support military personnel and their families in preparing for effective career transitions or resettlement into civilian life.

We have spent years teaching organisations how to deal with diverse people. We will now be skilling and equipping diverse people how to deal with and be successful in organisations and in society.

What else can we do to convince you?

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