• You Only Live Twice! Get ready for life after leaving!

    The Heightened Readiness for Resettlement Course is a ground-breaking 3 day intensive course which has been specifically designed to:

    • Gain clarity of mind and direction
    • Establish your personal potential
    • Accept the challenge of change
    • Plan confidently for life after leaving

    You will have a special opportunity to focus on you, your talents and what you’d really like to do in your new life. The course will provide a positive environment to determine what really motivates you and ways to fulfil your potential.

    The training has been deliberately restricted in numbers with an upper limit of 9 attendees with 3 trainers to provide personal guidance and coaching.

    Day 1: The accent is placed upon your skills and motivations will be highlighted to give you confidence and realise that your talents are genuinely in demand ‘beyond the wire’.

    Day 2: Will make you aware of the wealth of work options available. Importantly, you’ll decide on the ingredients you’ll want in any new career or venture.

    Day 3: Pulls everything together to clarify goals and prepare a plan to achieve them.

    Following this course you can positively target further specific skills training to achieve your aims.

    “The ‘Heightened Readiness for Resettlement Programme’ is an excellent and highly relevant course designed to help anyone transition from the military to civilian life. Totally complementary to what was offered to me, it really added value to my preparations for ‘Civvy Street’. The skilled facilitators and the personal attention given to me was just what I needed to guide me on the road to a new career”. – A testimonial from a past attendee – Lieutenant Colonel R.A.

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