• Personal coaching is close to our hearts of our work at Just Resources.

    Having spent over 20 years helping organisations understand and dealing with the impact of injustice and discrimination , we have met individuals who have the inkling that they are called to do great things – to soar like eagles – and yet their find themselves operating way below their potential. We are committed to you discovering your true purpose and skill and equip you to reach your potential with the help and support of people who have a commitment to them reaching their full potential.

    This can range for individual bespoke coaching or if you like being with like-minded people – we have a range of programmes for small groups of selected individuals who will work together:

    The promise of these programmes is that we will work holistically – body, soul and spirit.

    Here are just some of the subjects where we can lend a hand, giving you support in our equipping programme:

    • Understandng Yourself – Developing the Authentic You
    • Understanding Others – Group Dynamics, Intergroup Relations, Minority-Majority Relations
    • Understanding Organisations & Systems – How to make it in mainstream organisations
    • Personal Preparation for Success
    • Being a Successful Leader

    They shall rise on wings like Eagles

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