Just Resources International Becomes Global Alliance Partner for Gender Gap in South Africa

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We are excited to announce that Just Resources International is partnering with Gender Gap as a Global Alliance Partner in South Africa. Gender Gap is changing the way companies measure the value of difference in their organisations through sophisticated data visualisation software.

We are proud to be partnering with the Gender Gap to bring cutting edge, tangible, visible solutions to companies in South Africa – where, like everywhere, there is the persistent request from budget/stakeholders, when asked to support the implementation of equality & diversity initiatives – saying “Show us the data”. The products deliver this and in an indisputable way.

By bringing Gender Gap to South Africa, we believe that we can help companies work towards closing the gender gap currently present in the workplace and contribute towards building a sustainable, equally diverse workforce that will increase the economic participation amongst genders.

What is Gender Gap?

Gender Gap is sophisticated data visualisation software that offers on demand measurement, reporting and modelling of your organisations human capital data enabling you to explore every strand of diversity and/ or talent grouping across all business units, in every location.

Cross-reference existing human capital and key business performance data, and discover the true value of diversity in your organisation.

Key Features

  • Leverage existing human capital data
  • View bespoke groupings of talent, reflecting your org structure, locations and performance metrics
  • Work with any or all strands of diversity that you collect or report on, including (but not limited to) gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, veteran status or education
  • Set the course for the future with sophisticated workforce modelling functionality
  • Choose your preferred delivery method: via SaaS, or as an enterprise application installed within your IT environment.

Gender Gap is a software module within the Data Morphosis platform.

If you have any enquiries about Gender Gap, please contact us.

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