Who We Are

Who We Are

With our excessive industry knowledge and strategic client partnerships Just Resources International now brings together a core team of individuals who are committed to the provision of training and development services, that skill and equip people to maximise their potential and be cross culturally competent for the 21st Century. We are supported by an international team of Associates and Consultants that work in each of our core areas.

Together we believe that we can become a catalyst for change amongst different nations, races, cultures and religions. The colours of a rainbow do not compete for visibility and position. They are perfect just the way they are. Combined they present the perfect picture – on their own each one is unique, stunning and complete. We want to help people discover that for themselves – that they have a unique contribution to make without impeding the development of others or remaining in the devastation of the past.

Our Vision

To empower individuals and organisations to address the injustice and inequalities that limit the human potential by the elimination of discriminatory practices in the workplace and the empowerment of the individual to succeed. We want to bring innovative training to the marketplace and de-mystify equality and diversity issues.

Mission – Be the Catalyst

By the design, development and delivery of innovative training, we help eliminate injustice and unfair practices in the workplace and empower individuals in society to reach their full potential.

Our Core Values

    • Integrity

      We believe that a business cannot flourish without honesty and integrity and therefore we strive to be as open and honest as we can.

    • Respect

      Respecting people and their decisions is a moral that we firmly believe in utilizing in our company.

    • Faith

      Faith has played a big role in our history as a company and without faith we wouldn’t be here today. Never give up.

    • Empowering Youth

      The next generation will build upon our foundations and forward our establishments. We believe in making sure they are ready for those tasks.

    • Being Different

      Each person on earth is unique. Therefore we encourage our team members to be different in the way they approach situations, life and adventures.

    • Striving for Excellence

      We love what we do and therefore we believe in doing it to the best of our abilities. We make sure that we keep pushing the boundaries of excellence in our day to day lives.

  • Key Clients

    • nhs

    • royal-airforce

    • royal-navy

    • army-best

    • tutu-foundation

    • metropolice

  • Key Partners

    • city-guilds

    • ilm

    • gender-gap

    • data-morphisis

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