How to exploit all your talents when planning your career transition

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Tri-Service Personnel Saluting


One job, one career, isn’t it time to put yourself number one?   Aren’t you fed up with the same old-same old – doing the same thing day in and day out?  Are you merely existing; rather than vibrantly exploring talents that have lain dormant for far too long?  Would you relish the opportunity of changing your work/life balance?  Instead of work governing your life – how about making life govern your work?

The idea of developing, exploiting and enjoying a portfolio career is a liberating experience.  No longer will you be vulnerable to a sudden management downsizing, or shown the door because your face doesn’t fit, or you’ve become a too-expensive overhead in an accounts ledger?

There’s no security anymore and we all know it.  So how do you create your own security – on your terms?

Begin by adopting a portfolio career frame of mind.  Appreciate that a portfolio career is rooted both in securing income and re-balancing your interests and energies.  If you’ve got a mainstream single-source income then maintain it while identifying other related or possibly completely different income streams.  In America, people who have a portfolio career are called slashers.  Here’s an example, and immediately see where the term comes from. ‘Mr A is a writer/author/teacher/speaker/advisor.’  Mr A has a steady job as a teacher but supplements his income from feeds from these other sources.  At present he prioritises the hours in his day with his full-time job but in the future he would like to spend more time writing and giving lecture tours.  In Mr A’s case the income offshoots and interest have a clear relationship with his core job.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Another person may have a professional skill – let’s say a solicitor or accountant – but no directly related skills. She may be a talented musician or artist, or have an interest in archaeology or she may want to get her Private Pilot’s License. Importantly for extending her portfolio career she may already have ways to make these other non-related interests generate money.

The Portfolio Career Development programme will help you explore and develop your potential.  It will make taking control of your destiny not a far off dream but something that can be immediately obtainable.  Thinking along these lines and proactively setting the agenda yourself will harness and direct your talent to achieve the most effective outcomes.  Just imagine the positive benefits this will bring to you mentally.  Benefits that will soon become apparent in the way you live your daily life and spill over into your private life and relationships.

By interweaving these different stands you’ll become someone with a variety of ‘slashes’ after y our name.  Now that’s something to boost your confidence, self- belief and motivation.  Why not get started?

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