• The legal and financial steps to set-up are simple and straightforward. It is the successful running of the business that’s the real challenge.

    Many new businesses fail in the first crucial months often due to a toxic combination of these primary factors:

    • They’ve chosen the wrong business- one that does not match their personality and skills
    • They’ve started on a shoestring with no financial flexibility if things don’t go according to plan
    • They’ve overestimated demand for their product or service
    • They’ve not made a sufficient personal provision to keep themselves going until the business turns a profit
    • They’ve underestimated the physical and emotional demands of setting up and running a small
    • Business on themselves and on partners or family

    The Four Factors of Start-Up Success will form the content of the course

    1. The Human Factor
    2. The Marketing Factor
    3. The Financial Factor
    4. The Planning Factor

    You will create your own business plan as you learn and complete each of the four factors. This course is rooted in real life where you will learn from the experiences of those who have succeeded, having made mistakes and learned along the way.

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